“Okay” by LANY and Julia Michaels

In “Okay”, the artists (LANY and Julia Michaels) take on the role of lovers (in separate relationships) who are suffering from heartbreak, as in being dumped by their partners. In fact it would appear that such happened unexpectedly, where in one instance they were receiving sweet love and being treated like family, and in the next the disposition of their loved one changed. 

Owing to this sad happening, the singers now find themselves with voids in their lives that they fill with busywork, while downing whiskey to ease the emotional pain of an uncaring ex.

Indeed in the choruses we see one thing that is really bothering them is the nonchalant attitude of the people who inexplicably let them go. While they are “hurting”, their exes are “sleeping perfect(ly)”. 

Owing to all this, the emotional tolls of this situation has them asking if they are “going to be okay”. Overall, they try to reassure themselves that they will. However, at the end of the day, doubts of their recovery still exist. Indeed they let their exes know that if they go on to actually lose their sanity, it would be because of the pain caused through their heartless actions.

Lyrics of "Okay"

Birth of “Okay”

The genesis of this song is based on an ‘emotional’ conversation LANY frontman Paul Jason Klein and Julia Michaels had upon first meeting at Conway Recording Studios in Los Angeles during 2018. Julia spoke of a man she was romantically interested in and Paul about a nagging heartbreak. He concluded by asking Julia something to effect of, ‘I’m going to be okay.  Right?’ And they used that as the foundation upon which “Okay” was built upon.

In fact Klein was suffering from such a severe heartbreak that while working on this track he “almost had a panic attack”.

More Facts about “Okay”

  • “Okay” was written by Julia Michaels and Paul Klein (LANY’s lead singer and primary songwriter).
  • LANY worked with music producer Mike Crossey on the production of the track.
  • Julia Michaels is the first artist LANY has ever collaborated with, even though they have been active since 2014. And since this is the first collaboration between LANY and Michaels, this track marks LANY’s first ever collaboration with another artist.
  • “Okay” was officially released on 23 April 2019.  It is expected to be featured on LANY’s upcoming third album.
  • What makes this track unique is that it does not contain any solo verses. Simply put, Klein and Michaels’ voices are intertwined throughout.

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