“Cowboy in LA” by Lany

The narrator of “Cowboy in LA” tries to explain to his new found love that he is a better person because of his upbringing and how the place that he was raised has shaped his lifestyle. According to him, the training he received during his childhood is one of the main reasons why his heart is different from the other guys in town. The frontman of the group, Paul Klein, who was raised in Oklahoma, argues in the song that the hustle in his town shaped him to become a better man. He then goes on to make a case for himself that he is in the best position to give his lover the best treatment and make her feel special.


  • Sasha Sloan
  • Paul Klein
  • King Henry


LANY alongside T. Johnson and K. Henry

Album and Release:

From the album “Mama’s Boy”. Lany officially dropped this tune as a single from their “Mama’s Boy” album on 16th September, 2020.

Paul Klein’s Comments

Klein has said that he really appreciates and have lots of love for the place he was raised and he’s very grateful for that.

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