“Good Guys” by LANY

Honestly put, LANY’s “Good Guys” reads like a case of unrequited love. The lyrics come off as if the singer is deeply smitten with a certain lady, i.e. the addressee. But his feelings for her are not as strong as vice versa. Or stated differently, he appears to be more committed to her than she is to him. However, he is not attributing this disheartening reality to any shortcoming, per se, on his part. Nor is he blaming it on her, despite the fact that she can do things like say hang out late, doing who knows what, while he is at home waiting for there to return his call. 

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Rather, the philosophical foundation of this song is based on the age-old adage that ‘nice guys finish last’. This is a popular belief that, in the field of youth romance especially, the quality males, as in the one who may truly love a female for instance, are rather put on backburner by them for wilder, more-transient dudes. So conclusively, it can be said that the singer actually feels as if the reason he is losing out is because he is in fact too committed. And as such he has decided ideally to “play it cool” and rather wait to see what she wants before making his next move.

Lyrics of "Good Guys"

Facts about “Good Guys”

The members of LANY (J. Goss, P. Klein and L. Priest) wrote this track along with S. Sloan, I. Fitchuk and K. Henry.

The entire band, alongside Henry and T. Johnson, also produced the track.

“Good Guys” was released by Polydor Records on May 13th, 2020 as the lead single from LANY’s “Mama’s Boy” album.

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