“Stupid Feelings” by 220 KID & LANY

The titular “stupid feelings” are actually those possessed by the vocalist.  But it isn’t like he’s really dissing himself per se. Rather what that metaphor, if you will, truly speaks to is his fragile or weak emotional state. 

And he is describing himself so specifically in relation to his romance with the addressee, one in which she apparently has the tendency to regularly ‘leave’ him. And when she does go her separate way, it devastates him not only because, obviously, he’s in love. But also when he is in such a state, he totally lacks the wherewithal to have fun without her, which is perhaps another way of saying he’s in love anyway. 

Or as presented, the narrator is not the single type of guy. He enjoys having a special someone in his life, most specifically, it would seem, the addressee. And such is seemingly the reason why his is referring to his “feelings” as “stupid”. Or put otherwise, he’s ashamed of having formed such a strong mental dependency on a partner who evidently does not feel the same about him. 

So conclusively, we can put forth a notion like he’s the victim of an unreciprocated love.

Lyrics to "Stupid Feelings"

220 Kid

220 Kid is a DJ from England. The “220” that is part of his stage name is actually derived from a charity event he engaged in whereas in the process he ran that many miles. His discography dates back to 2018, and thus far he’s had one song, 2019’s Don’t Need Love (alongside Gracey), that managed to achieve BPI platinum certification.


Meanwhile LANY, a band from Los Angeles, boasts a more established discography, i.e. one with three LPs, four EPs and over 20 singles under their belt. And their most recent full length, 2020’s Mama’s Boy, broke the top 10 of the Billboard 200.

LANY has been professionally active since 2014 and has been composed of the same three core musicians throughout –

  • vocalist Paul Joseph Klein
  • drummer Jake Clifford Goss
  • keyboardist Charles Leslie Priest

And to note, their moniker is actually a combination of the abbreviations for the cities of Los Angeles (LA) and New York (NY).

Stupid Feelings

“Stupid Feelings”

As expected 220 Kid produced Stupid Feelings, accomplishing the task alongside a pair of musicians known as BIllen Ted.

220 Kid and Billen Ted are also credited as co-writers of this song, albeit under their legal names, which are respectively Will Graydon alongside Samuel Brennan and Tom Hollings. And the other writers are Conor Blake, Jordan Shaw and the aforementioned Paul Klein.

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