Drake’s “War” Lyrics Meaning

It’s funny how Drake decided to name this track “War”, because for the most part it serves as a shoutout to his various OVO homeys. For instance, he references an individual called “Chubbs”, who is known as one of the Drizzy’s close associates under his OVO label. Then there’s “Scull and cousin Jamie”, whom although these individuals are not known to the public, the rapper mentions them in a manner that would insinuate that they are tight.  And the same would goes for the likes of “Hawk”, “Sticks”, “Cash”, “Baka”, “Gucci” and so on. So maybe Drake wanted to show all his true homeys love, via namedropping them in a song, in light of the impending holiday.

But that being said like most of Drake’s street-based tracks, if you will, he still has ways of letting the audience know that he isn’t the type to be toyed with.  Or another way of looking at it is that if opps that decide to step to Drake, they won’t only have to deal with him but also the aforementioned crew.

“War” is a Freestyle

But once again this isn’t a beef song, with “War” being recognized as a freestyle, and Drake does have fun with the lyrics. For instance, near the end of the song he seemingly takes a jab at the Golden State Warriors’ professional-basketball team, who shortly before this tune was released lost the NBA Championship to his hometown Toronto Raptors. And the well-known rivalry between Drake and the Golden State Warriors is light-hearted in nature.

Is “War” about Drake’s relationship with The Weeknd?

But one of the reasons this track is making headlines, besides the fact that it’s one of only a handful Drake himself has released in 2019, is because he issues a statement alluding to a long-rumored beef he has had with another popular musician, The Weeknd. And in that regard, what Drizzy actually seems to be indicating is that they don’t have any tiff at all and have been friends for a long time.  

However, he does insinuate that at one point their relationship wasn’t ideal, and as a result, being “family” and all, they “just had to fix things”. But if anyone decides to listen to this track thinking that there’s anything juicy, like threats or direct disses, contained therein, they’re likely to be disappointed, as The Weeknd is only alluded to briefly and moreover, it would seem, favorably.

In Conclusion

So in trying to derive a thesis sentiment from this song, taking its title into consideration also, it is probably meant to point to the idea, like many of his other tracks, that Drake is a true street dude. He has connections, and if anything goes down his boys got his back. And moreover he is a talented and influential musician. As such, if anyone does actually decide to spark beef, he’s ready for “war”.

Quick Facts about “War”

For the most part, Drake and The Weeknd have had a cordial working relationship since they first linked up in 2010. However, there have been some bumps in the road and other issues which led many to speculate they had “beef”. But there is no solid evidence of there being a feud between them. And even if such were so, apparently Drake used “War” as a medium to squash it.

“War” was written exclusively by Drake and produced by AXL Beats.

This track was released by Drake’s OVO Sound, along with a music video, on 24 December 2019. And the director of the clip is Theo Skudra.

On which Drake album is “War”?

“War” appears on Drake’s 2020 mixtape which goes by the title “Dark Lane Demo Tapes”.

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