“Government Official” by Future

“Government Official” serves as a shoutout Future gives to some of his international ladies, as well as an ode to his freewheeling, lavish lifestyle, which includes the illicit use of drugs.

Future can do some wild things with his dough, such as have a penthouse filled with “54 ho*s”. Accordingly this song depicts him as a womanizer – but a classy one who has women from exotic locales such as Nigeria and Brazil. And he also apparently references Israel and Morocco in this regard. 

In a roundabout way, the rapper having such a diversity of female associates brings the focus of the story back to his wealth. Not only does Future have the means to spread out ladies he’s feeling around the world, but he also is obviously well-traveled.

Indeed that takes us to the title of this song. It is based on Future’s wherewithal to travel internationally and bypass “government official(s)”.  Instead he’s “plugged” into the big bosses, like Russian president Vladimir Putin. In other words, wherever Hendrix goes, he’s straight.

“Government Official” Facts

  • “Government Official” was released on 7 June 2019. It is part of Future’s EP, Save Me.
  • The song was released by Epic Records and Future’s own record label, Freebandz.
  • Future gave a preview of this track via Instagram on 1 June 2019.
  • Texas-based artist Fxxxxy produced “Government Official” and also assisted Future in writing the song.

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