“Landed” by Drake

Ultimately the title of this song “Landed” is meant to be an allusion to Drake’s wealth. You see in this particular context he is using the word “landed” in reference to an airplane landing. And said plane would be his own pricey private jet which is commonly referred to as “Air Drake”.

However, the lyrics of this song aren’t necessarily centered on his riches. Rather they read more like Drake just being the man in general. For instance, there are various mentions to his wherewithal with women. And in that regard whereas he may see them as temporary flings, they rather want to establish serious relationships with him.

But of course the implication is that said strong attraction is grounded in his wealth and fame. And as pointed out earlier, the Champagne Papi isn’t shy about highlighting his toys also. For example, he lets it be known that he is “pushing”, i.e. driving, “five Cadillacs”. And in that sense his wealth is comparable to that of “a politician”.

So overall this track is braggadocious in nature. And Drake depicts himself as not only being on top of his game in terms of making bread but also in regards to baggin’ shorties.

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