“Time Flies” by Drake

The lyrics of “Time Flies” find Drizzy obviously addressing someone akin to an ex-girlfriend. And he still very much cares for her, which is why we find him in his feelings.

Summarily, there seems to be two primary sentiments being expressed throughout. One is that he misses her, as in still wanting to be with her. That’s why we find him for instance apparently parked outside of her home, in a ridiculously-expensive car of course. And secondly he is pondering exactly what went wrong in their relationship in the first place. But all lyrics considered, what it reads like is that they have compatibility issues, as in irreconcilable differences so to speak. Indeed as the end of the second verse illustrates, this is not someone whom the rapper feels he can completely open up too.

But even with that being established, this is still a lady whom he obviously wants in his life. And while how the title of the song fits into this narrative is not abundantly clear, going a bit out on a limb it seems to allude to the idea that even as time progresses Drake remains fundamentally the same as he has always been.

Writing Credits

Drake penned “Time Flies” with OZ (who is the track’s producer).

Did Drake release “Time Flies” as a single?

No. It appears as track number 7 on his 2020 commercial mixtape entitled “Dark Lane Demo Tapes”. “Toosie Slide” was the mixtape’s only official single.

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