Meaning of “Fear of Heights” by Drake  

“Fear of Heights” by Drake discusses his perspective on relationships, braggadocio about his wealth, and reflections on past connections. Throughout the song, Drake alternates between expressing disinterest in rekindling past relationships and demonstrating a cavalier attitude towards his exes and other relationships.

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He also embeds boastful remarks about his financial status and luxurious lifestyle, occasionally using these aspects to compare himself favorably against others. Moreover, a recurring theme is the portrayal of his interactions with women and his nonchalant attitude towards commitment and emotional attachment. The lyrics are laden with metaphorical language and references that embellish his experiences and thoughts in a poetic manner.

When was “Fear of Heights” released?

“Fear of Heights” was formerly released on the 6th October, 2023 as part of his eighth album, “For All the Dogs”.

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