Meaning of “Rich Baby Daddy” by Drake (ft. Sexyy Red & SZA)

“Rich Baby Daddy” by Drake, featuring Sexyy Red and SZA, appears to encompass themes of lust, relationships, power dynamics, materialism, and personal growth.

Here’s a breakdown:

Sexual Attraction and Materialism: The recurrent chorus focuses on a very physical, sexual allure and the material benefits of being with someone like Drake. “Bend that ass over” and “Shake that ass for Drake” are explicit commands, highlighting a sense of control and dominance. At the same time, the mention of luxurious items and experiences, such as G-Wagons, Rollies, and flying to Grace Bay, underscores the materialistic allure that comes with a relationship with someone of Drake’s stature.

Complex Relationships: Throughout the song, there are mentions of past relationships, betrayals, and the struggle to find genuine love amidst the backdrop of fame and wealth. Lines like “I still got some love deep inside of me” and “You know I got a guy” indicate unresolved feelings and the complexities of navigating relationships when multiple parties are involved.

Growth and Lessons: Drake touches on learning from past relationships, implying personal growth. He alludes to teaching his partners – whether it’s about luxury, like introducing them to Grace Bay, or more intimate lessons, like “You ain’t even know how to suck it right, I taught you right.”

Power Dynamics: SZA’s part brings in a counter-narrative, where she expresses her desires and expectations. It’s not just about physical attraction; she wants both physical and intellectual connection, emphasizing the need for mutual respect and understanding in a relationship.

Independence and Confidence: Sexyy Red’s verse exudes confidence, embracing her sexuality and celebrating her uniqueness. Her lines emphasize her independence, allure, and how she captivates men.

Emotional Depth: Towards the end, Drake reflects more deeply on relationships, indicating a desire for a genuine connection and acknowledging the fleeting nature of certain relationships. “You know the root of it” and “I knew it was love when it started as a friendship” show a more introspective side of him, looking for authenticity amidst the superficiality.


Overall, “Rich Baby Daddy” paints a picture of modern relationships set against the backdrop of fame, wealth, and the music industry. It delves into the challenges of finding genuine love and connection when material benefits and sexual allure often overshadow emotional depth. The different perspectives provided by Drake, SZA, and Sexyy Red offer a multi-dimensional view of these dynamics.

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