Meaning of “Train Food” by XXXTentacion

“Train Food” is the title of the third track from American rapper XXXTentacion’s first posthumous album Skins. The lyrics of “Train Food” focus on the themes of sadness and death. A significant percentage of the song’s lyrics deal with death – mainly the death of the narrator (X). According to a number of analysts, it’s highly likely that X was using the song to reflect on his death.

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And indeed these analysts do have a point. Throughout the song, the narrator talks about his encounter with Death. As the narrator journeys home, he comes face to face with Death. Death captures him and ties him to a railroad frequented by trains. As he lays trapped on the train tracks waiting for his inevitable death, he begins reflecting deeply on life. Moments later, a speeding train starts approaching him. It is at this point that the narrator starts wondering where he’s headed after death. Would he go “up”(to heaven)? Would he go “down” to hell? He’s unable to give an answer to these questions before the train comes crushing him to death.   

It’s not exactly known when XXXTentacion penned these eerie lyrics. However, what is known is that he was murdered while working on this song and other songs on the Skins album.

Lyrics for "Train Food"

What is the meaning of the phrase “Train food” as used in this song?

By tying the narrator to the railroad, the Devil served the narrator to the train to be killed (consumed). Hence the narrator sees himself as food for the train.

Facts about “Train Food”

  • This is a self penned song.
  • In addition to writing this track, X collaborated with John Cunningham to produce it. Prior to X’s sudden demise, he worked extensively with Cunningham.
  • “Train Food” is the third track on the album Skins. Skins was released on December 7, 2018 as the first posthumous album from X. Additionally, it is the third studio album of X.  
  • With a length of 2:44, “Train Food” is the second longest track on Skins.

Was this released as a single?

No. The album Skinsproduced only one single titled “Bad.

28 Responses

  1. Journey Custer says:

    thats sad but yet how did he know he was going to die like hes an amazing person hes was to young

  2. Cyprus Leafly says:

    It’s scary like, when you listen to the song on loop, it says “Now it’s here, death has now arrived, time is finally up,” and then it stops abruptly . Then the song starts again with Train noises. It’s like he really got hit.

  3. Ashton says:

    I am only 13 but I get a lot from his songs. When I found out he died I cried. I am like him in the ways he acts so i can relate to some of his songs.

    • Anonymous says:


    • MastersplinterP-ssyslayer 9669 says:

      This is the cringiest sh-t I’ve read in all day.

      • Anonymous says:

        Man f–k y’all, it’s ok you’re so cool for making fun of a kid when the kid has better grammar than your 25 year old prematurely balding headass. Get a life sh-t brain

      • Ash Eclipse says:

        dude this man was murdered in a drive by shooting and he has saved hundreds of suicidal peoples lives with his music respect him

        • n/a says:

          Y’all are some of cringiest people ever, lemme guess when juice dropped all girls are the same you painted your nails, f—ing grow up, you’re 13 mf stop being a pu-sy and wake up, sure the music is good, u shouldn’t be crying abt it tho

        • Anonymous says:

          He wasn’t murdered in a drive-by retard, he died by armed robbery, he hasn’t saved any kids, he plays all these kids into thinking they are depressed and sh-t, some people need to wake up, yes x is a lyrical genius, some of his songs have a beautiful score , wake up and stop crying

          • Anonymous says:

            Smd talking sh-t he done saved a lot of people including myself from depression, coming from suicidal attempts and self harm he’s somebody that people relate to not just one kid you call “cringe” hating on social media. Put some respect on X’s name.

          • Anonymous says:

            SMD , Put some respect on X’s name. He’s an artist that helped me out of depression and coming from suicide attempts and self harm he’s music was a release from all the shit I been through. If a kid wants to relate and dream let him, old ass man hating on a kid smh. He’s music is there for people to relate to and use in time of struggle and it’s not just helped me but hundreds and thousands of other people

    • Nico says:

      Same and I still cry about his death.

  4. depression says:

    I realized that Xxxtentacion music was based on depression and just how hard life really is for some people like me I’ve been through a lot to be ten years old and sometimes i don’t i want to live anymore but i wonder how would my family feel about me dying since everyone always calls me a liar like I’m the only person on this universe that has ever lied me being the only person who needs change will i ever be looked at different as not the depressed, abused, neglected, ten year old girl that don’t know what she talking about or haven’t been on Earth long enough to know right from wrong like it gets hard sometimes, sometimes i just breakdown and cry like what did i possibly do to disserve this I never asked to be on Earth people say it’s a blessing but for me it isn’t AT ALL…

  5. Brayden says:

    in his song ” I Spoke To The Devil In Miami” toward the end of the song he says “My Lord, I spoke to a Baphomet, he said he would save me
If I gave him one thing he needed, “What is this thing?”, I pleaded
Boy, it’s the key to even” which you can tell his talking to someone as of exchange for an exchange and during the outro of the song he says “And as I spoke, my fangs were shown
Taken aback, he smiles and tells me
”What you crave will soon be yours
But what I crave is already mine”
    Anima vestra”. Anima Vestra means “your soul” in latin. so i think that in this “conversation” he had, the exchanged his soul for the fame and all the stuff that came with it and he knew he was gonna die and he didn’t know when. In “train food” he’s talking about taking a walk and talking w death? y’all can’t say these songs ain’t go together

  6. Sparrow Elaine says:

    Don’t come at me for this but I sorta think he killed himself and he left a note saying don’t tell anyone. Another assumption, he was getting death notes and he knew that this person would end up killing him and he tried telling people but no one understood and he wasn’t saved in time, the more he wrote songs like that the closer his death was. He seemed very sad and scared at some moments, In rebirth he wrote “Everything will come to you, what you deserve will come to you. And if I end up getting shot and killed for what the f**k I’m doing” saying he deserves it. Also, he talks about how he needs help and he needs someone to save him, I feel someone was after him and he knew his death was near and he wrote music to cope with the fact he’s gonna die.

    • Bonbon says:

      There was no note and he was not receiving death notes. Xxx was changing up his life at the time of his death. He would never have killed himself at this particular point in his life! By now he was like somewhat of a prophet at this point in his life. He had come to an understanding that he could still be an amazing rapper but instead of endorsing healing and ending pain thru death, he was just understanding that he could rid himself of some, maybe all of his pain, thru love and acceptance. It’s such a shame that it turned out to be real life demons that removed him from this existence… which truly is sad!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        He had tons of evidence of abuse, including prison call recordings and was about to go to jail for 20 years, I think it’s very likely that he set himself up… nobody will ever know for sure though. RIP X

    • Anonymous says:

      He killed himself????? There’s footage of the roberry and him getting shot. How could he have killed himself????

  7. Bringer Of Light From God says:

    Happens when you sell your soul. Money doesn´t make you happy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing at all related to what his music is about (: take some time to fully understand where he came from (:

  8. Anonymous says:

    I always thought X was not even human because he had a way of putting words in songs and make it so dark and sinister and feel some type of way like as if you was hypnotized but you love the energy it was like you was high off drugs

  9. Xaint says:

    I woke up from a nightmare someone killed me in the dream but I woke up just immediately my kid bro walks in and said X is dead,i don’t really know about that Energy but I had it with him,I fuvk with X way before he died ,train food was were he sold his soul

  10. Ilovexxxtentaction says:

    Man this made me sad on how he passed while making this that killed me inside

  11. laeli says:

    3 years later x is a genius still in my mind. his lyrics and songs have real meaning. he was one of the greatest of this generation

  12. Anonymous says:

    X was truly a lyrical genius. He had a way of putting things into songs that really made you feel it. I relate to him on many things and truly think he was one of the most influential rappers. He was trying to change his ways before he died but unfortunately he couldn’t. I could only imagine what kind of things I would be hearing out of him if he lived to this day. Long live x.

  13. Jude says:

    Long live prince x

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