“Everything You Need” by Roddy Ricch

“Everything You Need” is the first track going down the playlist of “Live Life Fast” that reads for the most part like a standard love song. The lyrics are primarily based on Roddy expressing his desire to make the addressee, the apple of his eye, his main squeeze. 

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And being that he’s a successful rapper and all, of course that would entail spending loads of dough to make her happy.

Although, even though it comes relatively late in the song, there is also the standard NSFW reference to how much the vocalist is looking forward to sleeping with the addressee. It seems that most rappers have forgotten how to say ‘I love you’ without sounding like they’re advertising a po-no flick in the process. 

But at the heart of this song is in fact an expression of romantic love to someone whom apparently Ricch has yet to hook up with. So on top expressing his three criteria to a fruitful relationship – trust, love and sex – he is also letting the addressee know that if she is down for the cause, he will prove to be ‘everything she needs’.

Lyrics to "Everything You Need"

Release Date of “Everything You Need”

“Everything You Need” is one of 18 tracks that form Ricch’s second studio album, “Live Life Fast”. The album was released on December 17 of 2021.

Bird Vision Entertainment and Atlantic Records, both American music labels, were responsible for the release of the album. 

The only single from the album, “Late at Night” was put out on June 4 of 2021 to help prepare the grounds for the album’s release. 


A total of 5 writers including Ricch have been credited with writing the song. The rest are:

  • G. Ry
  • Geronimo
  • Saint Mino
  • Tommy Parker

With the exception of Ricch all other authors of the song took part in its production.

Everything You Need

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