“Crash the Party” by Roddy Ricch

Rap music is sort of like a religion in and of itself. Maybe such can be said for all genres of music. But at the end of the day, no group of musicians tend to be quite as forthright and uniform when it comes to emotionally dealing with the issues of the world as rappers.

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Key Sentiment of “Crash the Party”

For instance, anyone familiar with the ways of hip-hop has already been thoroughly introduced to the concept that women can be untrustworthy. Well that is actually the main sentiment being put forth in this song (“Crash the Party”), and not only in terms of sheisty romantic interests but also male rivals that be hatin’ on the low. 

Or let’s say that more to the underlying point, which is once again a recurring theme in rap music, is Roddy understanding that the actual reason a lot of ladies sweat him is because he’s famous. 

So he knows that all because a girl is riding his jock doesn’t make her love for him real. And therefore, Ricch has to be alert when dealing with ni**as and b**ches alike.

But as stated, the main emphasis is on his interactions with the fairer sex. So the song ends with an outro centered on Roddy having some type of serious beef with his lady. Such is also a concept that is touched upon on the song “Rollercoastin“, how sometimes romantic issues can fully take him out of his zone, though it is not clear if this is the same woman, i.e. his baby mama, whom he is having issues with. 

Either way, what is now developing into a recurring theme on “Live Life Fast” is that fact that if there’s one thing that can get under Ricch’s skin, it’s drama with the woman he loves. So even though he may “crash the party”, baggin’ women at will, the vocalist also understands that if you fall in too deep with the wrong one so to speak, that the consequences can prove dire.

Lyrics of "Crash the Party" by Roddy Ricch

Was “Crash the Party” released as a single?

No. It came out part of the album, “Live Life Fast” on December 17 of 2021. The album is the second studio project of Ricch’s career.

“Late at Night” was released in June of 2021 for promotional purposes. It happens to be the only official single from the album.

Writing and Production Details

It took the collaborative efforts of Roddy, Yakree and DKeyz to compose “Crash the Party”.

Yakree and DKeyz who are also well acclaimed record producers, handled Crash the Party‘s production.

Crash the Party

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