“No Guidance” by Chris Brown & Drake

On the surface, as in if a listener judges Chris Brown’s “No Guidance” based solely on its chorus, it reads like your average NSFW tune, as in the artists having a desire to sleep with a particular lady. And while their intimate yearnings for her definitely play a major role in the track’s narrative, overall it is a bit deeper than that.  In fact one can argue that Breezy and Drizzy spend just as much time bigging homegirl up on “No Guidance” than lusting after her. And the physical aspects of their exaltations, relatively-speaking, are minimal. Rather what they are more impressed by is her independent and unpredictable nature. But that being said they are still very much looking forward to getting this “lil’ hot girl” in bed.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Chris Brown's No Guidance at Lyrics.org.

As far as the title of the track, it is only mentioned once in the song by Drake.  On this particular line, he states that the lady he is rapping about “flew the coop at 17”, which implies that she left home at 17 years of age. And since then, she had been operating with “no guidance”, as in with no parents or mentors to instruct her concerning how to live her life.

Lyrics of "No Guidance"

Ultimately this track reads like a love letter. The singers have come across a female, apparently via social media, who have piqued their interest on a sensual tip. However, their admiration for her extends past her looks into being intrigued by her wild, liberated and domineering personality.

Facts about “No Guidance”

Fans first got a preview of this track via an impromptu recording which was made while it was played during Chris Brown’s 30th birthday party on 5 May 2019.

This isn’t Chris and Drake’s first time collaborating. They have collaborated in the past on the remix of the 2010 Breezy song “Deuces” and an unreleased 2012 Drake track entitled “Yamaha Mamma”. They also worked together on Nicki Minaj’s 2014 song “Only”.

The obvious reason these two hip-hop superstars have not teamed up from then until now is a beef they’ve had (apparently based on their mutual affections for Rihanna) since circa 2012. The feud in question resulted in a rather-large skirmish between their two posses, as well as other incidents. However, the two of them buried the hatchet in 2018.

On which album does “No Guidance” appear?

It is part of Chris Brown’s 37-track project Indigo, with it being released as a single by RCA Records in advance of the album on 8 June 2019. The following tracks also appear on Indigo as singles:

Writing and Recording of “No Guidance”

This song has four producers in Vinylz, J-Louis, 40 and Teddy Walton. They (with the exception of 40) also co-wrote the song with Michee Lebrun, Tyler Bryant, Nija, Boi-1da and of course Drake and Chris Brown.

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