“Sad Forever” by Lauv

Lauv’s “Sad Forever” can definitely be classified as a song that is part of the ‘emo’ phenomenon which has taken over pop music. And why do we say so? Simply because it is based on Lauv’s real-life, personal struggles with depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Indeed the main sentiment expressed in this track is his desire to get over the perpetual sadness he feels as a result of these mental diseases. He feels as if his life is out of control, and he wants to rectify this situation but “doesn’t know how to”.  So basically, “Sad Forever” reads like a call for help by the artist.

In the course of the track, Lauv mentions a reluctance towards being “medicated”. However, he has also noted since writing the song that he has begun taking anti-depressants and in the process of doing so “learned (that) medication is not the enemy”. So on a more-positive note, we at least know that his mental disposition has improved since penning “Sad Forever”, as he did so “at the peak of (his) obsessive anxiety”.

"Sad Forever" lyrics

Facts about “Sad Forever”

The music video to “Sad Forever” was filmed at the Smart Araneta Coliseum which is located in Manila, capital of the Philippines, on 20 May 2019. In fact he had completed writing the song while on his flight to that country.

In an effort to help others who have suffered through similar situations as detailed in the song, Lauv decided to donate all the proceeds from this song to charities and organizations fighting to bring an end to the stigma associated with mental illness. Amongst these organizations are Bring Change to Mind (USA), Time to Change (UK), Mind HK (Hong Kong), Beyond Blue (Australia), Samen Sterk Zonder Stigman (the Netherlands) and the Wellbeing Cluster (Philippines).

Lauv wrote “Sad Forever” along with three others – DallasK, Jack Torrey and Michael Pollack.

He also produced the track in conjunction with Halatrax.

“Sad Forever” was released on 31 May 2019 as the second single from Lauv’s 2019 album, ~how i’m feeling~. The song “Drugs & the Internet” was the first single to be released from ~how i’m feeling~.

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