“Volvi” by Aventura & Bad Bunny

In the lyrics of “Volvi”, the vocalist(s) is addressing a former romantic interest. Well, perhaps labeling her a former interest is a bit of a stretch considering that he obviously thinks about her regularly. And this reality is made evident by the fact that a bulk of the lyrics are dedicated to the vocalist comparing himself to her current lover. 

And as you have probably already guessed, he does so favorably on his own behalf.

Bad Bunny

So for example we have Bad Bunny implying in the first verse that he’s better at satisfying the addressee in bed than her present beau. FYI, this is a theory which permeates throughout the entire piece. 

And concerning his inability to get over his ex, he goes as far as trying to reestablish a romantic relationship with her. This of course would necessitate disassociating herself from her new sweetheart. And based on hints received through his limited interactions with her, the vocalist is convinced that she wants him back also. 

Additionally, his confidence is founded in the fact that they were together “for years”, i.e. being soulmates, and Bunny knows that feelings that strong don’t just disappear into thin air. But that said, his focus is definitely on the two of them making love as opposed to being in love per se. And as fundamentally presented, no one, especially the guy she’s currently with, can do her the way he can.

Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos, who holds down the second verse, approaches the manner from a similar standpoint, more directly insinuating even that the addressee is ‘in love with his lust’. And in his case it may not be that he wants to get back with her per se but more like hook up sexually when she’s in town. 

Romeo also implies that the addressee decided to date the current dude because he has more money. But he asserts that in her heart, she knows that dude “is temporary”, where the relationship the two of them share has more of an established history. Indeed as with Bad Bunny, he seems to have virtually no respect for his ex’s new guy.

In Conclusion

So as the bridge reveals, the homeys are going back for their lost loves. And conclusively this is an interesting song for a number of reasons, or rather let’s say a very roundabout way of letting an ex know that you miss her. 

There is a very heavy emphasis on sex, not on the ‘you’re the only one I truly love’ tip but more of the ‘no one can screw you like I can’ variety, which is perhaps an alternative way of reiterating the prior statement anyway. But at the end of the day what it all boils down to, behind all of the machismo-laden lyrics, is the vocalist missing his ex.

Lyrics to Aventura & Bad Bunny's "Volvi"


Aventura is a band from the Bronx who most notably trace their parentage back to the Dominican Republic. Accordingly they specialize in a brand of music, known as bachata, that originated in that part of the world. 

Also, all of the group’s current members have the same last name:

  • Lenny Santos (guitar)
  • Max Santos (bass guitar)
  • Anthony (aka Romeo)
  • Santos (vocals)
  • Henry Santos (vocals)

However they are not all related to each other. Rather the former two are brothers, and the latter two are cousins.

Whereas Aventura has officially been making music since the mid-1990s, it was the 21st century that has been especially kind to the band. Well actually they didn’t get around to releasing their first album, Generation Next, until 2000. And in the years that followed they’ve proven to be highly successful.  For instance the band has won 24 Billboard Latin Music Awards between 2006 and 2020.

Bad Bunny

Meanwhile Bad Bunny, himself being from Puerto Rico, is considered a master of the musical genres of Latin trap and raggaeton, both of which are a lot more popular internationally than bachata. As such even though he is a relative newjack on the scene, with a discography dating back to 2016, he has experienced even greater success than Aventura. 



“Volví”, which was officially released on 3 August 2021, marks the first collaboration between Bunny and Aventura.

The song was made public by Rimas Music, i.e. the primary label which Bad Buddy is signed to. 

The writing credits for “Volví” are as follows: Bad Bunny, Romeo Santos and Alex Killer. The latter also went on to act as the producer of the track. 

And to note, the title of the song ” Volví” roughly translates to “I Returned”.

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