“When to Say When” by Drake

“When to Say When” is a braggadocious track in which Drake touts his success and high degree of self-confidence from various angles. Perhaps most-notably he uses the occasion to reference a few people whom fandom are familiar with. For instance, even though he doesn’t call her out by name, he does give mention his “baby mama”, Sophie Brussaux, as well as the fact that they’ve had a less-than-ideal romance. 

He does directly shoutout his own mother, Sandra Graham, and in that regard points out what many of us already know – that ‘no one loves you like your mother can’. But one name he does bring up that we’re all familiar with is the Michael Jackson (1958-2009). And in doing, so he alludes to the child molestation allegations the singer has regularly dealt with. And it should be noted that some listeners perceive it as a diss against the late King of Pop. 

But overall, as aforementioned, this song features Drake bragging about himself. In fact as the exclamation point for anyone who dares to challenge him, he knows that “this world that we living in” is governed by cash. And he being “the richer man” has the upper advantage. Meanwhile the title of the track itself is an idiom connected to the idea of an individual knowing “when to say” that they are defeated. 

So basically what Drizzy is saying is that his haters continue to challenge him, never fully being able to acknowledge that they are indeed outclassed.

Lyrics of "When to Say When"

Facts about “When to Say When”

This song samples the track “Song Cry” (2002) by Jay-Z. Moreover Drake filmed part of the music video to the tune, which was directed by Theo Skudra, in Marcy Projects, the same part of Brooklyn where Shawn Carter grew up.

“When to Say When” was written by Drake and produced by June James.

This song was unexpectedly released on 1 March 2020 (alongside “Chicago Freestyle”) as a standalone single.

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