“Outta Time” by Bryson Tiller (ft. Drake)

In “Outta Time”, Bryson Tiller and Drake reflect on the state of their relationships and whether it is worth staying with their partners considering the level of toxicity it breeds. Primarily, they believe that the damage is beyond salvaging hence they are running out of time if they intend to fix it.

Drake, in the first verse and chorus, observes that his relationship with his partner is lately full of fights and uncertainties, hence his deliberation on quitting altogether. Although he realizes the danger and associated complications of not being able to properly communicate, they seem to be experiencing difficulties in separating.

Bryson, in the second verse and chorus, reiterates the unstable state of their affair where his partner gets upset by the most insignificant things. The singer is aware of his weakness in setting things straight, yet he anticipates the moment when they finally part ways and put an end to their toxic affair.

“Outta Time” Facts

Prior to the song’s October, 2020 release, a snippet was leaked on several file sharing sites.

The song is featured on Bryson’s ANNIVERSARY album and produced by Vinylz, 40 and Nineteen85.

It was jointly written by Drake and Bryson and the following:

  • Vinylz
  • Marcus James
  • Nineteen85
  • Paul Russell
  • Snoh Aalegra
  • Josh Valle
  • 40
  • Velous

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