“You Know Wassup” by Kehlani

“You Know Wassup” is a candid look at Kehlani’s romantic relationship with another celebrity, a rapper by the name of YG. In fact the track is so straightforward that she released the tune prior to it undergoing mixing or mastering.

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The apparent lead up to this song is as follows. Kehlani and YG made their relationship public in September of 2019. In fact they attended an event together, as a couple, as recently as 30 October 2019. Then the very next day, a video surfaced where YG can be seen loving up on another woman at a Halloween party. So this song, which once again was dropped in a hasty fashion just two weeks after that incident, is obviously a response to such, as allegations of YG cheating on Kehlani have logically been rampant amongst online gossip circles.

Two Themes of “You Know Wassup”

And fundamentally, this track operates based on two themes. One is that Kehlani does truly love YG. In fact she even implies that she intends to marry him. But the second is that dude has issues. Indeed YG has made an attempt to explain away the aforementioned incident by stating that he was thoroughly inebriated at the time. And likewise, Kehlani puts forth the idea that, amongst other things, the rapper may actually be an alcoholic. Or more specifically, he has a tendency to prefer activities such as getting boozed over proving himself to be an appreciative partner.

And Kehlani admits that she also isn’t perfect. But the primary sentiment expressed is that she is good to him and feels fortunate to have him as a lover. Yet simultaneously, if he continues to mess up, he does stand a chance of losing her.


So overall, we can conclude that this is indeed a modern love song. The romance described therein isn’t ideal, and the lady admits that she has serious problems with her partner. But at the same time, she still loves being with him, including apparently the bedroom fun they enjoy. So in addition to warning other ladies to stay away from him, she is also letting him “know what’s up”. And what’s up, as in the reality of the situation, is that if he continues to conduct himself in a manner detrimental to the relationship, it’s only a matter of time, despite how painful it may be to her, when Kehlani will indeed leave him.

Lyrics of Kehlani's "You Know Wassup"

Quick Facts about “You Know Wassup”

Kehlani wrote this song along with its producers, Antonio Dixon and a musical duo known as The Rascals.

“You Know Wassup” was released as a standalone single, again in an unmastered form, on 12 November 2019. However, Kehlani has stated  that a professionally-done version will also be issued in the future.

Kehlani and YG, both being California-based artists, officially became an item during Rihanna’s Fifth Annual Diamond Ball event. That event was held during the New York Fashion Week on 13 September 2019.

This isn’t the first time Kehlani has had a celebrity boyfriend. Perhaps the most-famous of all the men she has dated is professional basketball star Kyrie Irving.

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