“De Museo” by Bad Bunny

The title of this song (“De Museo”), most simply translated, comes out to the word “museum” in English. And Bad Bunny does reference “a museum” in the chorus in relation to the car he’s driving. 

Honestly, based on the lyrics and cover art alone it’s a bit perplexing why he is making such a connection. But perhaps he is saying something like it’s a really expensive vintage piece, or at least he can afford such a car if he so desired.

And with that in mind, the second verse especially has a braggadocios tone. Said passage is mostly based on Bunny being able to boast of his riches while simultaneously calling out what appears to be some type of less-than-favorable female and/or a snitch. 

Indeed Bunny harps back to his days on the streets on the aforementioned chorus also. Or really, what he appears to be saying comprehensively in the chorus is that even now after blowing up, he hasn’t forsaken the work ethic and wisdom he learned hustling in the ‘hood.

I Appreciate what God Has Done for Me

Meanwhile the first verse is about a completely different topic from the second. Here, the vocalist takes a more humble approach. And the main idea of the passage centers on Bunny expressing an appreciation to God actually not only for his success but also for protecting him throughout.

Then the intro which commences the track is not braggadocios or religious but rather philosophical. The philosophy which the vocalist is putting forth is that “envy doesn’t live” amongst true brethren, nor is true family torn asunder by money and women, i.e. the products of his pop music success. 

And using a bit of reading between the lines and limb traversing, the song seems like it’s quite personal. And whereas they may not read so on the surface, in reality the verses may well tell an interconnected story, though Bunny uses very, shall we say non-specific language to get it across. In other words, it’s up to the listener to connect the dots.

A Beef

And what appears to be going down is that he got into some type of beef with someone in his inner circle. This beef involves a woman and also said individual snitching. And apparently, the reason this person was compelled to do so is because he’s envious of the vocalist. 

And yes, at the end of the second verse, Bunny does proceed to threaten him, as expected. But more to the point is him reminding this person that the way he behaves is against the code of family.

“De Museo” appears on “Fast & Furious 9”

All of that said, let it be noted that this track is in fact featured on Fast & Furious 9. And anyone familiar with said movie franchise knows that one of its main, recurrent subthemes centers on loyalty to family, not only blood relatives but also the people you roll hard with. 

And it is very much possible that is why Bunny has themed “De Museo” so. It’s also possible that the title has something to do with the film also. But in the name of not spoiling the plot for readers who have yet to see it, we won’t go there for the time being.

Bad Bunny, "De Museo" Lyrics

Quick Facts about “De Museo”

This track came out as a surprise release, via Atlantic Records and Rimas Music, on 6 July 2021.

A snippet of the tune was featured prior on Vin Diesel’s Fast & Furious 9 (2021).  However the song itself did not make the movie’s soundtrack.

This track was first teased, to be featured on Fast & Furious 9, on 4 May 2021. And a snippet of it leaked online a couple of weeks later, on 19 May.

Bunny wrote this song with Tainy, a fellow Puerto Rican reggaeton artist he has worked with in times past. And it is also Tainy who produced “De Museo”, which came out as a standalone single.

De Museo

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