“Difference (Interlude)” by XXXTentacion

On the song “Difference (Interlude)” the late rapper XXXTentacion is directly addressing the woman dear to his heart. X, who is apparently deeply in love with her, tells her how much she means to him. He tells her he wants to show her things and buy her things. He even goes as far as saying he could buy her “wedding rings”. Obviously he wants to do these beautiful things just to show her how much he treasures her.

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But there’s a slight problem. It appears their relationship has a challenge. And what’s this challenge? It’s simply the cruel distance between them.

But X appears not to be bothered about the distance. He believes the distance can’t negatively harm his love for her. The distance might separate him from her. However, it can’t change the way he feels about her and what he wants to do for her.

 The line “I’ll be different”, which appears twice in the song, might mean X was initially not treating her very well. However, he’s telling her now that he’s going to be different and treat her well.

Difference (Interlude) lyrics

Many believe that the girl X is addressing in the lyrics is none other than his girlfriend Jenesis Sanchez. At the time of X’s tragic murder in June 2018, Jenesis was carrying X’s unborn child named Gekyume.

Below is a rare image of XXXTentacion and Jenesis Sanchez. The picture was taken not long before X was murdered.

X and Jenesis Sanchez. 
The audio is so raw that some say if you listen very attentively to it, you can hear the click of a mouse in the background. 

Facts about “Difference (Interlude)”

  •  XXXTentacion partnered with his long-time friend/songwriting partner/producer John Cunningham to pen this song.
  • In addition to his role as a writer on the song,Cunningham also assumed the role of the sole producer. 
  • This is the eighth track on X’s 2018 posthumous album Skins. The released date of Skins was December 7, 2018.
  • The song is made up of just a single verse.
  • With a run time of just 1:16, this is the second shortest track on Skins. The shortest is “Introduction”, which has a length of just 0:31.
  • The song’s title is actually stylized in lowercase. It is therefore supposed to be written as “difference (interlude)”

Was “difference (interlude)” released as a single?

No. The song “Bad” was the only song from Skins to be released as a single.

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