“Greece” by Drake

On this song Drake is addressing a romantic interest.  And basically, what he is doing is expressing a desire to take an expensive trip with her to Europe, specifically to the country of Greece. And by the time the outro rolls around it seems as if he has in fact achieved that goal. But now instead of expressing his admiration for her, he becomes upset due to the way she’s misbehaving and other issues he seems to have with her personality.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Drake's Greece at Lyrics.org.

“Come with me, fly you out to Greece”

Drake first teased this song on 1 May 2020 via Instagram Live. And it was leaked online on the date of 4 July 2020, although there is a prevailing rumor at the time that Drizzy did so himself.

“Greece” was produced by one of Drake’s regular musical collaborators, Oz.

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