“Heat” by Chris Brown (ft. Gunna)

Fans of intimate-based love songs with mature, NSFW lyrics should be satisfied with the song “Heat”. In it Chris Brown sticks to his tried-and-true theme of being the ultimate ladies’ man.

According to this track, what attracts women to the artists (Chris and Gunna) is their “ice” and “drip”, as in ice-catching jewelry. In fact it is the quality of the rappers’ riches which has these ladies in “heat”, as in being dispositioned towards sleeping with the rappers. And once a desirable lady gives in to the game, Breezy and Gunna (but especially Breezy) are going to go all-out to make sure she is satisfied in the bedroom.

So once again this song is more or less, content-wise, a standard entry in Chris Brown’s catalog. What truly makes it unique is that this is his first collaboration with up-and-coming rapper Gunna, whose from the opposite side of the country (the East Coast) from Breezy.

Lyrics of "Heat"

Album and Date of Release

This song is featured on Chris Brown’s 30+-track album Indigo. It was released as the fifth single from that project by RCA Record on 20 June 2019. In addition to “Heat”, Indigo also produced the following singles:

Production and Writing

This song was produced by Buddah Bless.  He also co-wrote it alongside Chris Brown, Gunna and the following songwriters:

  •  Aaron Lammer
  • Mark Pitts 

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