“If This is the Last Time” by LANY

The sentimental foundation of LANY’s “If This is the Last Time” is based on the singer respecting mortality, if you will. That is to say he understands that no one is promised tomorrow, and his loved ones can go any day. Owing to this, he is addressing two people who are dear to him, that being his mom and dad. And in the process he expresses love and appreciation for the way they raised him, i.e. the sacrifices they made and the lessons they imparted. And again, he is doing so within the context of being mature enough to understand that his current interaction with them could be “the last time” they ever actually meet.

“If this is the last time, please come close”

The members of LANY (L. Priest, J. Goss and P. Klein) wrote this song alongside J. Reynolds, D. Smyers and S. Sloan.

The entire band is also credited with producing the track in conjunction with K. Henry and T. Johnson.

Polydor Records came out with this song on 1 July 2020, making it the second single issued from LANY’s “Mama’s Boy” album. “Good Guys” was the album’s first single.

A Love Letter to Loved Ones

According to the band, this song is “a love letter to family”. Having said this, they entreated their fans to call their parents and loved ones and not to waste time in doing so. And why? Because no one knows what will happen tomorrow. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This song touched my heart so much. I lost my dad at a young age, so this meant a lot. I wanted to thank you for putting this touching song out into the world.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This artist is very lucky to have had this kind of love from BOTH parents and fortunate that he is able to experience it, some not so much.

  3. Kathryn says:

    Lost my mom in 2011 and my dad in 2013 thank you for putting words to what i feel although i regret that I wasn’t able to be there for them as much as i want to. I wish everyone who still have their parents with them to be present in their lives, yes call your mom and your dad because they’re waiting for their phones to ring!

    • Mayank says:

      Hey Kathryn! Sending good vibes your way.
      I lost my mum in 2012 and my dad a couple weeks back.
      Just came across this song now and it just feels so apt. I’ve spend the last few days telling my friends the same thing. Make the most of this moment. 🙂

    • junkyu says:

      i’ve only heard of this song right now for the first time since it suddenly played on the radio. it hits hard bcs i lost my dad 7 months ago and he’s only 43, and i didn’t get to take care of him even at his last moments. my sister also passed away 2 months ago at the age of 19… wherever they are, i hope they know that i miss them a lot.

      it just sucks to experience 2 losses in a short span of time at the age of 17 LOL

      • Anonymoose says:

        Wow that’s terrible. So sorry you’ve had to experience this much pain at such a young age. Words can’t offer much unfortunately, but hopefully it helps on some level to know that there are people out there who do care and have empathy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m a man in my early 60s and while I’ve heard the song many times, I never really listened to it closely until this week. A friend is currently going through a loss and I have been helping where I could. Driving home this song came on and it hit me hard. I’ve experienced the loss of grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, and even a sister. So many times, I never knew it was the last goodbye and felt I had left so much unsaid. I applaud the band and their message here.

  5. Regretful Mama says:

    I heard this song for the first time a few months ago. My youngest son is a drug addict and is in prison.
    In the early morning on April 2 I received a phone call the my first born so had suffered a brain aneurysm and for me to come right away. Long story short, I had to make the decision to take him off of life support on April 6th.
    My relationships with my two boys was strained, they were distance and never called unless they needed or wanted something from me. I will forever live with this loss. My husband, their father was murdered when they were 2 and 6. I parented out of guilt and trying to ease their pain but I know now that I did everything wrong. I will forever live with this. I was able to ask them both for forgiveness but I never got a response. No response is a loud and clear response. 😟
    I love you my son’s with my very being, I pray that you forgave me before you died.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lost our 29 year old son at the beginning of the pandemic due to an accidental overdose. This song means everything to me. The words sound just like him, even the part of going to mall to buy shoes! Thank you for creating such a beautiful song. Whenever we hear it played, we stop what ever we are doing, listen and sing along and cry our eyes out in loving memory of our amazing son. STAY ELEVATED ALWAYS

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