“Supernatural” by Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd’s “Supernatural” is split into two parts. The chorus of the first part features the expression “take a chill pill” being repeated. That’s another way of saying cool down, like don’t get overly excited or ahead of yourself.

This is actually old school ‘hood lingo, and it is often, if not usually used in the context of someone being advised against doing something rash and potentially harmful. And apparently the point Trippie is trying to get at during this part of the song is that the ‘hood is in fact dangerous. 

That’s why the subsequent verse doesn’t solely feature him threatening to shot somebody, as with other tracks found on Trip at Knight. Instead this time around he points out how even “kids [are] running around with semis”, i.e. semiautomatic guns in the “800”, which apparently isn’t a shoutout to his hometown but rather the Bloods street gang, whom he is known to be affiliated with.

And with that in mind, let it known that the established theme of the second part of Supernatural is in fact ‘his gang’. However, Trippie doesn’t actually rap about the rowdy clique he runs with. Instead the focus is more squarely on himself and how formidable he is in a number of ways. For instance, Redd himself may fight a “whole damn gang”. 

And he touts his riches as well as ability to sex other dudes’ girlfriends. One particularly interesting line found therein is where Trippie claims that he “made treaties with the devil”. And truth be told, some of the imagery associated with Trip at Knight suggests as much anyway.

But that said, the term Supernatural is never actually used in this song. So all lyrics considered, we have to take it as a term once again pointing to Trippie Redd’s own formidability.

Lyrics to "Supernatural" by Trippie Redd

Facts about “Supernatural”

Trippie and his management on August 20th, 2021 released the album “Trip at Knight”. This project, which is Trippie’s fourth studio album, features “Supernatural” as its 8th track. And since “Supernatural” wasn’t released as a single, it came out on the same day with the album.

“Supernatural” was written by Redd. But he didn’t compose it alone. He received writing assistance from the following three producers of the track:

  • Nadddot
  • Warren Hunter
  • Rok on the Track

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