Meaning of Stories About My Brother by Drake

After the release of For All the Dogs early in October of 2023, Drake announced that he was going on a musical hiatus. Apparently that break was short-lived, since as of November 17th he reissued the album, along with six new tracks, under the title For All the Dogs Scary Hours Edition.

Amongst the new additions is Stories About My Brother. And Drizzy actually commences the track by acknowledging that he does indeed intend to “quit”, but for now, “the vacation” has been put on hold.

That said, as for Drake’s titular “brother”, in actuality, as far as blood relations go, it is speculated that he only has one sibling, a half-sister via his dad. So the “brother” he is referring to throughout the song is not a literal one, so to speak. Rather, it would apparently be one of Drizzy’s top homeys. 

And as presented this person is, most simply put, a murderous thug, albeit one who is very supportive of and loyal to Drake. So it can be deemed that said is a personification of one (or more) of Aubrey’s shooters. As such, what’s being inferred is that if you do get into serious beef with the rapper, then you should be prepared to contend with his “brother” also.

Drake, the Braggart

Besides getting that point across, half of the lyrics also focus on Drake himself, in his usual braggadocious fashion. For instance, he dedicates a few bars in the second verse to illustrating his appeal over the opposite sex, including women belonging to other guys.

Besides that the rapper calls out one of his more recent opps, rapper-turned-podcaster Joe Budden, though without actually namedropping him. Joe recently criticized Drake, basically arguing that For All the Dogs is children’s fare which is not indicative of Graham’s nearly 40 years on Earth. 

Moreover, the way he did so lacked tact. But Drizzy doesn’t proceed to threaten him. Rather, his disposition is along the lines of asserting that Budden isn’t even respectable enough for Drake and co. to entertain his criticisms.

The rapper also drops a less-than-favorable, indirect reference to Tekashi 6ix9ine, along the lines of dissing others who act tough but then cooperate with law enforcement.

And to note, he also namedrops industry personality J. Prince, again within the context of calling out opps who aren’t as tough as they make themselves out to be, though not as a diss to Prince but perhaps Kanye West

And before all is said and done, Drizzy also shouts out the late, great Kobe Bryant, again not as a diss against the NBA legend but rather as a roundabout way of letting his opps know that they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves in prodding Drake.


The producers of this song, Jimmy Q and Conductor Williams, are also credited with co-writing it alongside Drake.


OVO Sound, which Drake co-founded in 2012, put this track out in conjunction with Republic Records.

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