“Allergic” by Post Malone

In “Allergic”, Post Malone is singing about an on-again/off-again romantic relationship that he is in. He and his partner seem to have genuine, albeit fluctuating, feelings for each other. At the beginning of the song, Post uses an analogy where he likens the situation to the progression of a week. And the way this metaphor reads is that the only time they’re really cool with each other is on the weekends.

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In terms of his issues with this relationship, the focus is primarily on his partner. He basically finds her personality flaws particularly repellent, especially in light of the fact that he has his own internal matters to deal with. Indeed Malone insinuates that this woman brings out the worst in him.  So he has more or less decided that the relationship has to come to an end.  Or as the title suggests, he has grown to be “allergic” to this lady, as in being unable to comfortably have her around.

"Allergic" lyrics

Writing and Production of “Allergic”

Post Malone along with three others were responsible for the creation of this song. In addition to Post Malone, the other three are as follows:

  • Billy Walsh (writer)
  • Louis Bell (writer and producer)
  • Brian Lee (writer and producer)

When did Malone release “Allergic”?

The answer is on the sixth day of September, 2019 (06/11/2019). It and its album (“Hollywood’s Bleeding”) were released on the same day.

Was this a single from “Hollywood’s Bleeding”?

No. The Malone album mentioned above was supported by just three official singles. They are:

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  1. Elizabeth Jepson says:

    I think he is singing about his love hate relationship with alcohol.

  2. Bg Strassner says:

    I can almost hear the chord ‘allergic, allergic’ from an old song – the music but I can’t track it down. Great song.

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